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    I've had abysmal luck in regards to the persuasion of the royals, having only succeeded in impressing the countries of Zipang and Wahai. How do I impres- wait, update, I just impressed Zhongguo. Still, the others are giving me bothers. Got any advice on how to improve my rating with them? I think I got lucky in all three cases...

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    • I mistyped; I have yet to impress the king of Wahai, but I have impressed the King of Deutsch.

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    • Satisfaction comes from the quality of the facilites that the passengers (Kings) visited. High quality facility will fill the satisfaction bar quicker.

      I'd suggest to focus on several kind of facilities only on each playthrough. That way , you can almost be sure that passengers visited that and not some lower quality facilites.

      Here's my suggestion on where to pump your items / quality seeds

      1. Restaurant

      This facility will be visited at least once by every passenger. It's a good idea to get its quality to around 200. Put some high appeal decorations around to boost the quality more.

      2. Cabins

      Like restaurant this will be visited once by each passenger. It's a good idea to boost Suites especially since it has more bonus types than any other cabins. Unlike restaurants however, cabins can only be visited once, while passengers can visit restaurants more than once.

      3. Theaters

      If you unlock them, its a very good facility to boost. Theater can hold 3 passengers at once making the service time much quicker.

      Kings usually visit 3-4 kind of facilites during their stay. Choose 1 or 2 more facility aside the above to focus increasing quality to.

      If you aim for the facility evaluation , then add another 1-2 more type of facility.

      TipsĀ : If you use the maze trick, satisfying later kings will be a breeze. The last king that visited me got his bar full after visiting the 1st facility after restaurant with the maze trick.

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    • What is the maze trick?

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    • It's been mentioned in the tips section in the section World Cruise Story.

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    • HULP I NEED TO SATISFY THE KING OF MERICA, Should I trap him in a small area?

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    • just use the maze trick and put him in the highest quality cabin, with some good restaurants and facilities, it should not be hard to please any kings.

      the main point is customers/kings should have an aura before reaching cabins, after that , just to ensure the facilities is not too crowded, so customers can visit several facilites during their stay.

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    • How do you satisfy zhongugguo

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    • all kings can be satisfied by the method above, if any is not satisfied, try to use items to boost quality of your facilities.

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    • success impress king from many countries but now i'm stuck with king of wahai

      i'm give him best cabin with quality over 150 pts, lots facility on same floor with its cabin

      but it still cant impress King of Wahai

      Any tips i can use?

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    • As mentioned above, all kings/monarchs can be satisfied by using the Maze Trick, or by using items to boost the quality of your facilities if that doesn't work.

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