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This page outlines notable events / changes in Kairosoft's history. If you are looking for a timeline of released games, see Gameography.


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Listed from most recent to oldest.

  • 2016 Nov 11 - Cafeteria Nipponica translated into Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean. Before this point the only translations done were Japanese and English .
  • 2016 Jun 10 - All translated games at this point available for both iOS and Android for the first time ever.
  • 2016 Jun 8 - Kairosoft celebrated their 20th anniversary.
  • 2016 Mar - The 232x80 banners for new games have been retired, with scaled-down versions of full feature banners used instead (including for English releases).
  • 2016 Jan 07 - Another HTML5 minigame released, this time on a secret page, and with the official Twitter announcement mentioning an "in-house research facilities Kairo Lab by a mysterious robot"[1] which seems to show Kairosoft's intent to expand into new technologies.
  • 2015 Dec 24 - The animated banner on 発進!!ヒーロー基地's official page (Translate) is created in HTML5, instead of their usual Flash version (or in recent history before, non-animated image). The banner also contains a small minigame in HTML5[2] which is secretly and only found upon clicking the banner.
  • 2015 Jan 18 - Kairo Club released on English app stores.
  • 2010 Dec 10 - Game Dev Story is the first English Android port.
  • 2010 Oct 09 - Game Dev Story is Kairosoft's first game to be released on the iOS English app store.
  • 2001 - Last PC release becomes available for download.
  • 1996 - First PC release available for download.
  • 1996 - Kairosoft is officially founded by Kazuyuki Usui.



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