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Game tips and info Edit

  • Beginner Tips - To prevent from getting more loss, just adding the new staff not creating new dish or upgrading something. (the profit may be increased from time to time)
  • You get a free refill of creation points the first time you run out of them.
  • You can get $50,000 from the secretary twice, by running low on money once before, *and* once after, unlocking Truck Sales. The easiest way to earn that money is by running promotions.
  • You can get 10 medals by failing to win any contest for the 3rd time.
  • When upgrading ingredients using items, use as many copies of the same item for each upgrade.
    • Using 10-29 copies of the same item will give an extra 20% XP.
    • Using 30-49 copies of the same item will give an extra 50% XP.
    • Using more than 50 copies of the same item will give an extra 100% XP.
  • You only need to keep one of each equipment, as truck sales do not consume anything.
  • Calories limits can be increased by upgrading their respective base, all ingredient calories count can be reduced by upgrading using certain items.

Shelf Edit

  • Use only 1 shelf and then make sure the shelf is close to the counter.

Staff Edit

  • As is the case with the Ramen Sensei, it's better to have more staff handling the shelves and register than bakers in the kitchen. Two staff working the kitchen is plenty.
  • One of the single best upgrades to the shop's operations comes from Bearington - hits Level 10 reward drastically increases the speed in which the sweets exit the oven and add to the sweet stock.

Suppliers Edit

  • Every time you level up an existing supplier to level 2, not only do you get a new plate from the newly unlocked supplier to build recipes with and a +1 increase to your max CP, your CP also gets completely refilled.
  • It is recommended that you level up Sunny Farm to level 2 as soon as possible, so you can build the high-level recipes that require large plates.

Truck Sales Edit

  • For "Smile Market", you may experience a time when your assistant says," may want to check the sales log...". This could mean that the recipes you are selling aren't the most suitable combination. Hence the following combinations can be used for reference: 2 Puddings and/ a Chocolate cake/torte or Wairo Cake. This are the combinations that are more suitable for "Smile Market", however the combination is not exhaustive and heading over to "Truck Sales" to see what majority of customers like may be useful.

Contests Edit

  • You can win a contest by merely having your entry's score match the highest score of your competitors' entries.
  • If you find yourself stuck on a contest, try the following steps:
    1. Switch to a lower quality supplier that you have fully upgraded to level 10.
    2. Wait until 6 AM (06:00) of the following month so you are switched to this L10 supplier.
    3. Create the recipe that you intend to enter the contest with.
    4. Now switch to a supplier of higher quality, and wait until 2 PM (14:00) before entering the contest with the recipe you created in #3.

The reason for these series of steps is partly explained in the first popup dialog from Manage -> Change Suppliers: "Supplier quality will even affect sweet recipes that you have created in the past." Creating the recipe with the lower-quality L10 supplier allows you to receive all the bonuses offered by that supplier, while switching to the higher quality supplier afterwards boosts the overall quality of the recipe. When the contest is being held, you are in effect entering with a recipe created with the quality stat of your higher quality supplier, with the bonuses from the lower quality L10 supplier.

    1. Optional: running the Recipe Lab isn't a bad idea either, if an one-point increase in sweetness or texture (change from Moist to Light, for example) is enough to nudge your recipe towards a win. It is advisable, however, to have a healthy stockpile of medals and a relatively full-stocked shop to ensure you can finish the Lab successfully.

Trends Edit

Each month, the demands for products will change. The main cause will be the change of trend. Trend will cause certain products popular at certain months or become unpopular at certain months depending on its bases and ingredients. Other factors that can affect demands is the product's rank, whether or not the product fattening etc.

Trends Change (Very Popular)
Month Base Products
January Cream Puffs, Tarts, Waffles
February Cream Puffs, Tarts, Waffles
March Puddings, Panna Cottas, Bavarian Creams
April Puddings, Panna Cottas, Bavarian Creams
May Shortcakes, Cheesecakes, Napoleons
June Shortcakes, Cheesecakes, Napoleons
July Baumkuchens, Tarts, Vanilla Ice Creams, Jellies, Gelatos, Big Sundaes, Yule Log
August Vanilla Ice Creams, Jellies, Gelatos, Big Sundaes
September Donuts, Cake Rolls, Baumkuchens, Yule Log , Tart
October Donuts, Cake Rolls, Baumkuchens, Wairo Cakes, Yule Log, Chocolate cake 
November Chocolate Cakes, Tiramisus, Wairo Cakes, Yule Log
December Chocolate Cakes, Tiramisus, Wairo Cakes

Following trends will usually give the best profits, however also consider when and how much to change for the trends. The month before the trend change, consider changing half of the shelves for the next month's trend. Pick the most empty shelves to change to minimize the stock dump cost. The month the trend change, half of the shelves should become unpopular, now's the time to change them to follow the trend. By slowly changing the shop's products to follow the trend, the kitchen's production will be able to keep up with the change. If the change is too drastic, the kitchen will not be able to stock up quickly enough, leaving the store with empty shelves.
Other method is to use Sales commands Stock and/or Produce to quickly adapt to new trends.

Alternatively: instead of frequently switching recipes to follow trends, take a look in the recipes you have. Make notes of the trends they have, then setup your store such that you always have at least one recipe that is Popular or Craved on every month.

Yule LogsEdit

  • Yule Logs are one of the most overpowered recipes you can create, and will allow you to brute-force almost every contest up to Angelic Desserts Lv. 1 - and make lots of money with it. To make one:
    • Supplier: Sunny Farms (best if you have this supplier at maximum level - all recipes will have maxed Sweetness and Texture)
    • Plate: Japanese Plate (unlock Local Market) or Colorful Plate (unlock Sunny Farm) at 4 toppings; OR Dessert Plate(unlock at future farm) at 5 toppings OR Elegant Plate (unlock Mall Mart) at 6 toppings
    • Base: Cake Roll (if starting with Japanese or Colorful Plate); OR Waffle (if starting with Elegant or dessert Plate)
    • Toppings #1, #2 (to convert Waffle to Cake Roll; skip this step if starting with Cake Roll as the Base): Single Scoop, Whipped Cream
    • Toppings #3, #4, #5 (to convert Cake Roll to Yule Log): Choco Deluxe, Whipped Cream, Choco Deluxe
    • Final topping: any, or Whipped Cream for high stats
    • Staff boost: Matt Lesko if the resulting recipe has too many calories, otherwise use whoever staff with the highest Prep stat
  • If you score a 340 or 360 in Perfection, you will have enough margin to cover the lack of Originality - thus, you can indeed win Sky Tower and Lo-Sugar Hi-Taste even if you don't have what those contests require (pyramid combos for Sky Tower, very low Sweetness for Lo-Sugar Hi-Taste).
  • For earlier contests, you can get away with Yule Logs created with the Japanese/Colorful Plate.
  • The one notable exception you might find very difficult to pass will be Safari Style Lv. 1, and you need to win that event in order to unlock the Limit Removal Pass. Once you win that, however, you can continue using Yule Logs to beat both Lv. 2 and Lv. 3.
  • Finally, dedicate one of your store shelves to sell this Yule Log recipe. Although your customers will find it too expensive half of the time, the other half they'll buy one regardless of the size of their wallets thanks to its very high stats.

How to get Super Aroma Edit

-If you are having trouble getting your customers an aura or winning contests like Aromaniax.

- First, level your whipped cream up to level 20 above so you get super aroma like 150+ then use them on some of your recipes 2 to 3 ( if you have plates that only fit 3-4 toppings) or 3-5 ( if you have plates that use 4-7 toppings). This can be useful if you are creating recipes that require so much whipped cream.

-Make Tart or Cheesecake recipes because they give the most aroma when you made them.

-Use Hani Sweets because her skill is to get more aroma.

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