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Secretary Message Edit

  • I've always wanted to work in the world of racing. This is so exciting!
  • If you have a skilled driver, try increasing your car's performance to get a good time!

Before Starting The Game Edit

Team Name Team Color - Grand Prix Story

You may need to enter your Team name and then choose the colour of your car.

Divide Your Teams and Conquer the Game Edit

Drivers have 6 types of stats, 3 of which directly affect driving, and the other 3 affect sponsors, upgrade skill, and research point generation.

I personally like to have one team optimized for performance, and the other team optimized for R&D, maxing out the 3 stats that both mechanics and drivers share: Appl (Appeal, affects sponsors), Tech (Affects R&D skill and speed), and Anlys (Analysis, affects the amount of research points generated while racing).

--The Quiet Samurai

Don't Ever Change Drivers Edit

Drivers are one of the most important thing in the game, always train them when they have full energy, only one of the most important training is reading. Don't change your drivers, only choose in the start of the game and never ever change them. Change them only when there is a driver better than your current driver in all stats and they cost cheap (Up to $200)

Plan your Sponsorships Edit

With an understanding of how the sponsorship choices work, you can plan your sponsors out to get what your looking for from them as quickly as possible and simply how to avoid one you don't see use in.

Sponsors awarding new training methods are a good target for the early game as there are still several that do not require a tremendous amount of ad effect to complete and the advanced training methods can help get your drivers to gold auras faster. 

Several research plans that are good to try and obtain early are Superchrgr part plans from Chimp Labs4WD drive plans from Pear Inc.Emblem part plans from Race Trax, and/or Gold Egg part plans from Milky Milk.

Also keep note sponsors have different rewards if the default reward was carried over from a past play through, and only have shown to be monetary rewards (thus far). Unless you feel you can acheive the ad effect requirements easily and/or need the money, it's best to work around those sponsors until the end when finishing with all of them.

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