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Invest in spell upgrades over buildings Edit

Buildings are harder to level up in this game, and provide a much lower benifit than spell levels. make sure to keep your spell levels equal to or as high as the enemies levels

Spell Tip Edit

Focus on upgrading one type of spell only and use that one only (water, fire, lightning). This way your spells will be really strong and can hit many enemies at once.

EXP Tip Edit

In stage 3 in the snow area there are silver enemies that give a lot of exp (I got about 4-5k exp each time). If you are near this level its a good way to level up allies quickly. If you are far ahead of this area it won't be as effective as the harder areas give you a lot more exp.

Types Edit

As you know, there are there types of magic in the game. Fire, Water and Lightning. What you probably don't know is where to find this types?!
Screenshot 20180216 211233
You see the three icons there? Press one of them, for example the water one, your attacks will be a water attack that is super effective against fire. Uh oh! What now?! You don't know what type is the monster you're fighting?!! Well my friend, if you look at the monsters health bar, it will tell you. For instance, if it's a fire monster the bar will turn red, etc (this also applies to your character as well).
Screenshot 20180216 211052

As you can see from the photo, it works on both you and the monsters. Sometimes, the mage or the snow warden or even the other npcs give you tips! So look out for those.