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Tips This page consists of tips / a walthrough that is subject to opinion. While content is still required to be factual, tips are simply a possible route one may decide to pursue.
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Resting your teamEdit

- If your players get tired and all the team needs to rest, tap on your coach, select practice strategy as "R&R".

When you do this, all the team lay down and rest. Their fatigue level will decrease.

Making opposing teams too powerful Edit

A built in mechanic for the game is that if you beat a team by a certain margin (win with score more than 4), they become more powerful. Why this is great to keep the game challenging and fun, if you consistently beat the team by a large margin, they can become too powerful to ever truly beat. As such, it can be useful to use a formation in these situations that would limit how much you win by, such as a formation with no forward, and using long ball.

Money Saving Tip Edit

A good tip is if you are wanting to get a player, here is a tip for you. If you are trying to hire a player and you get all 3 C's, then don't save the game and go to title screen.  Then refoad your game and hire the player that you are wanting to get. If you get a range from all 3 B's to 3 A's, then save the game and repeat above. This tip is for you to save money. You don't need to hire players all day.

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