Shiny Ski Resort Guide

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Tips This page consists of tips / a walthrough that is subject to opinion. While content is still required to be factual, tips are simply a possible route one may decide to pursue.
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Helpful Tips Edit

  • It's fairly difficult to run out of money if you constantly build to attract more tourists
  • Don't waste resources on upgrading equipment before you researched everything you can with it
  • For combos buildings don't have to directly next to each other, but their green radius must contain at least one of the other buildings you need for the combo. This can be used to cover a large field with combo effects
  • Don't bother switching fans and heaters between seasons, just build both so you get either bonus during the appropriate season (off seasons they give 3 appeal and take away none, the text just indicates that rooms lost the seasonal bonus, don't let yourself be confused by that)
  • Some buildings have multiple combos (e.g. food places), try making designated areas for those combo chains
  • Lockers have small yellow keys on them if they're empty, and none if they're in use. Build enough so you don't run out of empty lockers
  • Day trip guests seem to be more common than tourists renting rooms, build more lockers than rooms
  • Build ice statues in areas where a lot of skiers pass as each skier passing gives you precious upgrade points for your items
  • There's a maximum of 3 lifts as far as I know, so build accordingly to have one on each side and one in the middle
  • place resting points wisely, as they recover HP (less prone to falling) and cash in upgrade multipliers, so best have them midway down the slope (you'll get a total of only 3)
  • Do races as often as possible as they are a great source of items and income (plus they help you with sponsors and the skier's skill)
  • Don't waste items during races if you have the feeling you're loosing, you want to have the good ones for when you're almost winning to have the extra edge
  • Press boost if the text above the button indicates that you will do a trick for massive points
  • Don't bother to use more than one skier for every category needed, that way they accumulate skills faster
  • Prioritize maxing sponsors, as you need them to max out before you can rank up (also they give you new items/buildings)
  • Using items associated with a certain sponsor will increase the relationship immensely after a race

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Rank up requirements Edit

Listed requirements are for normal mode. For Hard mode, Popularity requirement is incresased by 50% and Rank Up Cost increased to 300%.

Rank Requirements Cost
2 Course Vibe 10+
Popularity 150+
3 Course Vibe 10+
Popularity 400+
Hotel Expansion 1+
4 Course Vibe 100+
Popularity 700+
Combos 2+
5 Course Vibe 300+
Popularity 1,000+
Sponsor MAX 3+
6 Course Vibe 640+
Popularity 1,500+
Developed 70%+
7 Course Vibe 800+
Popularity 2,000+
Victories 8+
8 Course Vibe 1,200+
Popularity 3,000+
Achievements 50+