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Maze TrickEdit

You can guarantee someone getting an aura by creating a "maze" of pink carpet + boosting effects, while blocking off 3/4 exits. This can be extremely useful for King/Queen requests. This is outlined in more detail at:

Note: If this trick does not work, try using items to boost the quality of your facilities.

Usage of itemsEdit

Always buy the Price and Quality Seeds as these items are two of the most valuable.

Tip: Save the game before you use a lot of items just to see how much it can boost. If the price seed says 0, reload the game and go -1 to this point again.

Where to use the items:

  1. Cabin and Co, especially try to boost them, because that's where most of your money is coming from. Side note: the boost always applies on all facilities of the same kind. 
  2. Use the quality seed on facilities a King or Review person is judging you. For example: follow a king that has been invited and look at page 2 what he did so far. From there you can boost these facilities. This Trick is more important for the last few kings where a rating over 70 is needed.
  3. Use the item List provided here to see, what item has a good effect. Remember, plus 2 in price is still plus 2. If you can boost the facility by small steps you will have still the extra dollar in your pocket.
  4. The Computability Seed should be used on the Cabin.

Using Items Edit

Try Using items on 100% facilities than king uses like Cabin,Restaurant and Deck chair these three are always being used

Maze Trick Extended Edit

Maze screenshot3-world cruise story

Maze 1

Maze screenshot4-world cruise story

Maze plan

If anyone was looking for an aura guide, this is what you should be building. All of my passengers get an aura when they reach the final section of the maze to the stairs and Kings/Queens get more than 50% of their bar filled when they check in.

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