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How to Play 1/30
Dungeon Village
This is a town development simulation set in a fantasy world of swords and sorcery. You must help adventurers grow stronger while developing your town.
How to Play 2/30
Game Flow
Develop your town's facilities and equipment to attract adventurers and allow them to complete quests. Try to get your town a 5-star rating!
How to Play 3/30
Adventurer Behavior
Adventurers use the town to prepare for fighting monsters. They will eventually move on, but in some cases they will decide to stay in town permanently.
How to Play 4/30
Adventurer Attributes 1
Hit Points go down when an adventurer takes damage. When it reaches 0, they fall unconscious. Armor and accessories can boost HP.
How to Play 5/30
Adventurer Attributes 2
Higher Attack allows adventurers to do more damage to monsters. Weapons can boost Atk.
How to Play 6/30
Adventurer Attributes 3
Higher Defense allows adventurers to take less damage from monsters. Armor and accessories can boost Def.
How to Play 7/30
Adventurer Attributes 4
The higher Spirit, the more damage magical attacks will inflict. Weapons can boost Spirit.
How to Play 8/30
Basic Attributes
Health: Affects HP
Strength: Affects Attack
Dexterity: Affects number of attacks
Toughness: Affects Defense
Magic: Affects Spirit
Luck: Affects treasure chest contents
How to Play 9/30
Increasing adventurers' Work attribute boosts their "basic" attributes. This helps them defeat a lot of monsters and lets them contribute to the development of the town.
How to Play 10/30
Satisfaction goes up when adventurers use high-quality facilities or are given items as presents.
How to Play 11/30
Auras are more likely to be triggered when an adventurer has a high Work attribute. Auras boost Attack, the number of attacks, and Defense.
How to Play 12/30
Moving to Town
Adventurers will want to move into town once their Satisfaction reaches a certain level.
Select "Vacant House" from the "Build" menu to build a house.
How to Play 13/30
Adventurers with homes in town will pay taxes each year depending on the number of monsters they have defeated. The more monsters they defeat, the more they pay.
How to Play 14/30
Giving presents of items or equipment to adventurers increases their Satisfaction and Work attribute. This can be key to developing the town.
How to Play 15/30
You can use Town Points to change an adventurer's job. Attributes are carried over, so once one job is mastered, you can switch to another to make your adventurers stronger.
How to Play 16/30
Facilities 1
Staying at an inn fully restores an adventurer's HP. Adventurers defeated in battle are also taken there, so building one in your town is definitely a good idea.
How to Play 17/30
Facilities 2
Adventurers can use equipment purchased at weapon, accessory, and armor shops. New equipment can be found in dungeons.
How to Play 18/30
Facilities 3
Other Facilities
Adventurers pay to use other facilities, which can increase their attributes. If the quality is high enough, their Satisfaction will also rise.
How to Play 19/30
Improving Facilities
Using items on a facility can boost its price, quality, and appeal to adventurers. More appealing facilities will be used more often.
How to Play 20/30
Town Points
You will get Town Points each month based on the number of monsters you defeat. They can be used to change adventurers' jobs or purchase facilities.
How to Play 21/30
Town Popularity
Satisfying visiting adventurers and building facilities will increase your town's Popularity, attracting new adventurers to your town.
How to Play 22/30
Quests 1
Dungeon Exploration
Explore dungeons that are discovered near town to look for treasure. The more adventurers that join an expedition, the faster it can be completed.
How to Play 23/30
Quest 2
Defeating Monsters
Defeat groups of monsters that appear outside of town. The more adventurers that take part, the easier the victory.
How to Play 24/30
Town Ranking
Fulfill certain conditions to rise in rank. This improves the selection of products in shops and allows you to take on more advanced quests.
How to Play 25/30
Hold events to make the town more lively, increasing adventurer attributes and Satisfaction. You can only hold a limited number of events each season.
How to Play 26/30
Magic Cauldron
Put items from shops or monsters into a Cauldron to store up Magic Points and convert them into rare facilities and equipment. Discover new recipes with research.
How to Play 27/30
You can give medals to adventurers who have performed well. This can greatly affect their Satisfaction and Work attributes, so choose your recipients well.
How to Play 28/30
The game "ends" after the 3rd month of the 16th year. Your high score is calculated based on your funds and Clear Points, but you can continue to play as long as you like.
How to Play 29/30
When you start a new game after clearing the game once, some of your data will be carried over, making it easier to beat your high score.
How to Play 30/30
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Dungeon Village
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