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In this game, you take control of a Japanese hot springs inn. Build rooms and facilities to attract guests, topping the competition to become #1 in all of Japan! Read this guide carefully to maximize your experience!
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The default currency is set to ¥ (yen), but you can change it to $ (dollars) if you like. Do this by accessing the Menu, going to System, and opening up Options.
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Game Flow
Make money by building facilities popular with certain guest types, or "targets"! Target preferences are largely based on gender, age, and profession. Don't worry, you'll naturally get a feel for it!
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Each time guests use your facilities, money will be beamed straight into your pocket! See the top right to view your funds. Use your hard-earned cash to then buy items, invest in projects to unlock targets, and even expand your land.
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The more popular your inn is with certain targets, the more guests you'll have and the longer they'll stay. Aim for those coveted overnight stayers as they spend a ton more than day guests.
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Guest Behavior
Guests first go to their room, then to the bath. After a good soak, they'll visit interesting stores nearby, returning to their room once their money is gone.
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Guests you target are more likely to come to your inn. Specify targets by opening the Menu and going to Targets. Certain targets might help you out...
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Facilities (1)
Govern guests' satisfaction.
How much a facility costs to use.
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Facilities (2)
Plants and other scenery nearby increase popularity and price of facilities. Try different combinations!
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Facilities (3)
Gender and age bring about differences in preference, so make sure to cater to your clientele. Note that compatibility is affected by the surrounding facilities.
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Bath Effects
Putting certain scenery or facilities near a bath boosts its scenery score, and can sometimes unlock special effects...
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Getting Items
Items can either be placed on the map or used on existing facilities. You can buy items, find them, or win them as prizes.
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Item Effects
Some items will be more effective on certain facilities. When used, items affect all facilities of the same type.
Help 14/18
Guidebooks are published every September and March. These feature all the top-voted inns. Get a high rank to win a cash prize!
Help 15/18
Invest to unlock new targets, purchasable items, and facilities. You may even be able to invite some very special guests...
Help 16/18
The game ends in March of Year 16. Your money and points will then be saved to the online leaderboards, but you can keep playing as long as you like.
Help 17/18
Some game parameters will be carried over if you start a new game after reaching the end. Keep playing and you may meet some special guests...
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About the Game
Manual - hot springs story
Hot Springs Story
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