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How to Play 1/23
In this simulation game, you run a ninja village in feudal Japan. Develop your secret ninja village as you fight to help the shogunate unify the country.
How to Play 2/23
Game Flow
Earn money by having your villagers make goods to sell to visiting travellers. Defeat warlords or use items to acquire new territory and expand your village.
How to Play 3/23
Unify Japan
As the game advances, your villagers will be able to join the shogun's forces in battle. Send them to fight regional warlords and help unifyjapan under the shogunate.
How to Play 4/23
Increasing Villagers
Local lords join your village if you defeat them in battle. Defeating warlords can reveal other potential villagers who will join you if the price is right.
How to Play 5/23
Training Villagers
You can spend money to strengthen your villagers through training, raising their levels and making battles easier to win. Some may also learn new skills.
How to Play 6/23
You can earn money by selling travellers food from your fields or goods from your shops. New visitors may appear whenever you defeat a warlord.
How to Play 7/23
Shops and Goods
Workshops produce goods from raw materials transported there, and those goods are then sold in nearby shops. The closer a workshop is to the source of materials, the more efficient its production.
How to Play 8/23
Materials 1
Raw materials for producing goods are acquired from fields, trees, and mines. Trees and mines can be removed and set up in new locations, so try to place them near workshops.
How to Play 9/23
Materials 2
Travellers will also purchase raw materials from you directly. You can disable this via the menu when you want to conserve materials for production.
How to Play 10/23
Improving the Environment
Things like cherry trees and flower gardens have a positive effect on their surroundings. They can enhance a home's healing effects, boost a workshop or field's productivity, or increase a shop's sales.
How to Play 11/23
Battles 1
Your villagers fight alongside the shogun's gunners, archers, infantry, and cavalry. Each battle lasts up to three rounds.
How to Play 12/23
Battles 2
Villagers selected for battle are automatically assigned to units based on their equipment. For example, a villager must have a melee weapon and a mount to be assigned to the cavalry.
How to Play 13/23
Battle Formation
Villagers can be assigned to front, center, or rear battle ranks. Plan your formations strategically to gain an edge in battle.
How to Play 14/23
Warlord Development
Whenever you defeat a warlord, those remaining grow stronger, so it's vital to plot your order of attack carefully. Some warlords can develop very swiftly indeed...
How to Play 15/23
Defeating warlords can bring you new technology. Acquiring sword technology, for instance, allows you to research new kinds of swords.
How to Play 16/23
Villager Attributes 1
HP: Character retreats if HP is reduced to 0.
Strength: Affects attack power with swords and spears.
Marksmanship: Affects attack power with bows and firearms.
How to Play 17/23
Villager Attributes 2
Work: Stronger work ethic means faster work and walking pace in the village.
Skills: These give advantages when invoked, whether in battle or daily life.
How to Play 18/23
Villager Attributes 3
Attack: Affects damage inflicted on foes.
Defense: Affects damage taken from enemy attacks.
How to Play 19/23
Combat Skills
Some skills, like Strategy or Arrow Resist, affect all members of a character's unit. The effect vanishes if that character is defeated.
How to Play 20/23
Special Equipment
Villagers can equip a variety of special items, such as mounts to ride into battle and herbs to heal wounds automatically during combat. Many other valuable types are rumored to be out there as well.
How to Play 21/23
The game "ends' at the end of March in the 16th game year. Your score is based on funds and points earned by the end. You can keep playing as long as you like afterward.
How to Play 22/23
At the end of the game, some attributes can be transferred over to your next playthrough.
How to Play 23/23
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