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How to Play 1/29
Pocket League Story
In this simulation game, you play the role of a soccer team owner. Train your players and try to create a world-class team.
How to Play 2/29
Game Flow 1
In the game, you will hire and train players and try to win in various leagues. Upgrade your team facilities and sign with new sponsors to get more money.
How to Play 3/29
Game Flow 2
Each year, you will hire a coach and come up with your ideal starting lineup before facing off against a variety of opponents.
How to Play 4/29
Matches 1
Matches are played automatically by your players. You can occasionally give them instructions about strategy. You can change all players at halftime.
How to Play 5/29
Matches 2
League matches are round-robin matches, while Cup Matches are tournament-style. Each type lets you discover different things. Try to beat all of the leagues.
How to Play 6/29
Players 1
There are 5 player stats:
Kick: Shot accuracy/pass strength
Speed: Running speed
Tech: Play accuracy
Body: Ability to not fall down
Keep: Goalkeeping skill
How to Play 7/29
Players 2
Each player has a ranking from F to A, showing how well they perform in a particular position. Try putting players in various positions to see which they are best at.
How to Play 8/29
Players 3
Some players have special talents, like Exceptional Players and Strikers. This affects how easy they are to train, and their final stats at level 30 (the maximum).
How to Play 9/29
Players 4
Players get paid each time they play in a match. In addition, the more they play, the higher their salary will get. If a player doesn't play, you don't have to pay.
How to Play 10/29
Falling Down
When a player's Balance Gauge reaches zero due to a collision with another player, they will fall down. This will increase their Aura Gauge.
How to Play 11/29
When a player falls down, their Aura Gauge goes up, eventually allowing them to activate an Aura. This boosts their abilities, but activating it at the right time is key.
How to Play 12/29
Coaches affect the experience points players get from practicing, and the Research Points gained after a game. Extend a coach's contract to make them go up in level.
How to Play 13/29
Special Practice
You can choose 3 players for special practice. Each type will affect a different stat. Each player's talent also affects how much their stats will increase.
How to Play 14/29
Research Points
Research Points are used for various things. You can get points by playing in matches or using facilities. Your coach and facilities affect how many points you get.
How to Play 15/29
You can choose different player formations to use in different situations. You can sometimes discover new formations by changing your coach at the end of the year.
How to Play 16/29
Hiring Players
If the negotiations go well, you can hire a new player to strengthen your team. A high Team Evaluation and Fame will make negotiations go more smoothly.
How to Play 17/29
Players get Research Points by using facilities. Depending on the practice strategy used, players' training can boost the use of facilities. The greater effect a facility has on players, the easier it is to
How to Play 18/29
Sign with a sponsor and you will get a bonus for every match. Win to increase your sponsor's satisfaction. High Team Evaluation and Fame make negotiations easier.
How to Play 19/29
Fan Activities
Fan Activities are a way for a team to connect with fans in their area. Some activities may let you discover new coaches or players.
How to Play 20/29
Cup Matches
There are two kinds of Cup Matches: one-on-one matches and tournaments. You win a tournament by winning a set number of matches. This requires skill.
How to Play 21/29
League Matches
When you become a league champion, you may get access to another league. Some leagues cannot be discovered unless you win a tournament.
How to Play 22/29
Fan Base
Playing in matches or performing Fan Activities will increase a team's fan base. This greatly increases the spectators at your matches. More fans means more income.
How to Play 23/29
Playing in matches or performing Fan Activities increases your Support. This affects how much a player's Aura Gauge goes up when they fall down, and the post-match bonus.
How to Play 24/29
Winning matches or performing Fan Activities increases your Fame. Higher Fame allows you to hire more popular players, and makes negotiations go more smoothly.
How to Play 25/29
Contract Renewal
At the end of the year, you must renew your players' and coach's contracts. If you feel your team is too big, you can always empty out some player slots.
How to Play 26/29
Team Evaluation
Evaluation is affected by your win/loss record. Beat a higher ranked team to boost your Evaluation. When Evaluation gets to a certain point, your Rank will go up.
How to Play 27/29
Game Ending
The game "ends" at the end of March in the 8th game year. Your funds and points will be saved as your high score, but you can keep playing for as long as you like.
How to Play 28/29
If you start a new game after having reached the ending, you will be able to carry over some of your data, making it easier to get a better high score.
How to Play 29/29
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Pocket League Story
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