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Tutorial 1/23
In this game you are the owner of a revolving sushi restaurant. Arrange the restaurant's layout and refine your menu to become the best sushi restaurant in Japan.
Tutorial 2/23
Game Flow
Improve the quality of your sushi and install various amenities to make fans of your customers. Aim for high rankings and win sushi competitions.
Tutorial 3/23
Seats are automatically created when you place or expand a conveyer belt. Having decor items nearby increases their quality, encouraging customers to stay longer and eat more.
Tutorial 4/23
Customers 1
Customers are attracted by menu specials and store amenities. They may increase their appetites by using amenities near their seats. Compatibility and preferences vary each type of customer.
Tutorial 5/23
Customers 2
Customers with bigger appetites tend to eat more, and those with higher expectations are harder to please. Increase fans to discover new clientele and ingredients.
Tutorial 6/23
Sushi 1
In addition to standard dishes, you can combine ingredients you acquire into all new offerings. Ingredients double in price when in season.
Tutorial 7/23
Sushi 2
The better your sushi tastes, the more satisfied customers will be. Using highly compatible ingredients may also boost prices. Dishes that require more labor take longer to make.
Tutorial 8/23
Seasonal Sushi
Ingredients are best enjoyed and make the best sushi while in season. Ingredients and sushi currently in season are marked with a fish icon.
Tutorial 9/23
Developing New Dishes
You can develop new dishes by combining ingredients in new ways. The skill of your chef and the number of Sushi Coins invested in ingredient hunts are key to your success.
Tutorial 10/23
The higher an ingredient's rank the tastier it tends to be, but highly ranked ingredients tend to be harder to find, requiring a chef with a particularly discerning eye.
Tutorial 11/23
Dishes and Ingredients
Using an item on a sushi dish will simultaneously power up other dishes containing the same ingredients. Highly compatible items will boost power significantly.
Tutorial 12/23
Assigning a chef to a prep station boost the appeal of surrounding seats. You can send chefs off for training to hone their skills from the "Consult" menu.
Tutorial 13/23
Chef Attributes 1
■ Energy: Chefs rest when out of energy.
■ Prep: Higher skill means faster food preparation and the ability to incorporate a wider selection of ingredients into new dishes.
Tutorial 14/23
Chef Attributes 1
■ Discernment: Makes it easier to find good ingredients when inventing new dishes.
■ Service: Makes surrounding seats more appealing.
Tutorial 15/23
Restaurant Popularity
Offering a variety of in-store amenities will boost your popularity and attract more customers. Where you place them is also important.
Tutorial 16/23
Item Effects
An item's power-up effects vary by dish or amenity. Using an item on an amenity will affect al amenities of the same type.
Tutorial 17/23
You can enter your best dishes in a variety of competitions. Doing so can win you prize money and Sushi Coins.
Tutorial 18/23
Contest Tips
Judging standards vary with each contest. Submitting entries that meet those standards can result in high scores. Compatibility with the judges is also important, so creating new dishes is vital.
Tutorial 19/23
National Sushi Rankings
Every 6 months, sushi restaurants are rated on features such as food and service. The explanations accompanying each score can reveal the key to higher scores in the future.
Tutorial 20/23
Game Hints
Placing user-friendly amenities near seats is effective. Also, try to build several test kitchens to develop hit dishes that can win competitions.
Tutorial 21/23
The game "ends" at the end of March of the 16th year. Your funds and points will be calculated, and you can register them in online rankings. You can then continue to play as long as you like.
Tutorial 22/23
Some of your parameters can be carried over into a new game after the game's "ending." You may even be able to hire a special secret character...
Tutorial 23/23
About the Game
Manual - the sushi spinnery
The Sushi Spinnery
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