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World Cruise Story Guide

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Help 1/27
In this simulation game you play the captain of a cruise ship.

Sail around the world and increase your number of fans to create the best cruise ship possible.
Help 2/27
Game Flow
Build cabins and other facilities to turn passengers into fans. Holding tours of the countries you visit will allow you to find new facilities and items for your ship.
Help 3/27
Cruise Flow
At the Starting Point, you take on your passengers and then sail around to each of your ports of call. Once you have finished, you'll return to the starting point and get new passengers.
Help 4/27
Passenger Types
Tourist: Gets on at the Starting Point and stays for the cruise. May discover things at ports of call.
Traveler: Gets on midway through a cruise and gets off at the next stop.
Help 5/27
Passenger Stats 1
Depending on a passenger's home country, their compatibility with different facilities will change.
The lower they are, the easier they will be satisfied.
Help 6/27
Passengers Stats 2
Decreases as a passenger uses facilities. The more money they have, the more likely they are to leave big tips. You can increase this by investing in a country's industry.
Help 7/27
Passengers Stats 3
Some kinds of flooring increase Energy. A passenger with 1 heart may get an Aura by entering a store with another passenger. 2 hearts means they may get one even when alone.
Help 8/27
Passengers Stats 3
Passengers with high Energy will sometimes get Auras, which increase their satisfaction with the facilities they use.
Help 9/27
Depending on the surroundings and what they're walking on, passengers may become energized and start to sparkle. This increases Energy and makes it more likely for them to get an Aura.
Help 10/27
Facility Stats 1
High Quality makes it more likely that passengers will be satisfied.
Affects the base price and tip amounts passengers will pay.
Help 11/27
Facility Stats 2
Placing plants and other items near a facility will boost its Appeal and its Price. A facility's location may also sometimes increase its Appeal.
Help 12/27
Facility Stats 3
Passenger preferences depend on gender and nationality. High Compatibility boosts satisfaction and prices paid. Some facilities
can also boost Compatibility.
Help 13/27
As your ship gets more fans, it will increase in popularity. Increase the number of appealing facilities and the number of people wanting to sail on your ship will also increase.
Help 14/27
As you play the game, the number of available stairs will increase. Building stairs allows passengers to reach upper floors, but they do take up a fair amount of room.
Help 15/27
Bus Tours
If you have a Tour Center onboard, you can organize tours of the countries you visit. The higher its Quality, the better the tour will go and the more the Tourism Rate will go up.
Help 16/27
Cruise Plan
Every April and October, you can change your Starting Point and ports of call. Selecting attractive countries as ports of call, will
increase the number of passengers.
Help 17/27
There are many different countries in the world. If you satisfy the ruler of a country,
they may introduce you to a new one.
Help 18/27
Country Stats 1
Determines compatibility of the citizens with certain facilities.
Affects spending money. Investing in industry will increase Income.
Help 19/27
Country Stats 2
Selecting a highly attractive country as one of your ports of call will increase the number of passengers. Investing in tourism will increase Attraction.
Help 20/27
Country Stats 3
⬛Tourism Rate
Increases as passengers go on tours in a country. After a certain point, you may
discover something new. Tour Center Quality makes it easier for this to increase.
Help 21/27
Some items are placed on the map, while
others are used on facilities. Discover a new item on a tour and it will be available for purchase from the merchant.
Help 22/27
Item Effects
Some items are more effective on certain facilities. Effects carry over to other facilities
of the same type.
Help 23/27
Investing can allow you to find new passengers and purchasable items or facilities. You may even find some special passengers...
Help 24/27
Types of Investment
Raises a country's Income.
Increases a country's Attraction.
The amount increased depends on the country.
Help 25/27
Game Ending
The game "ends" in March of the 16th year. Your funds and points will be calculated to arrive at your high score, but you can keep playing for as long as you like.
Help 26/27
Some stats can be carried over to new games after you reach the ending. You may also find secret characters if you keep playing...
Help 27/27
About the Game
Manual - world cruise story
World Cruise Story
(C) Kairosoft Co., Ltd.

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