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Note: I don't actively play Kairosoft titles as much, but still monitor the wiki daily, and will help where I can as far as wiki admin stuff.

First, if you have an suggestions / criticisms, please do go and leave a message on my Message Wall. While there's only so much I can/will do about the completeness of articles (this is a wiki for everyone to edit after all!), I am happy to listen / help!

I am a standard Kairosoft fan. I gotta catch 'em all! I use the iPhone, so sadly have to wait for most of the games to be ported to my phone.

Not only do I like their games, but I love that most Kairosoft games do not partake in micro-transactions. Even though a lot of their games have similar mechanics, each has a different look and feel, while also making the mechanics different enough to not be completely repetitive (although some more than others).


This section contains links that I find useful, but all some general links for those who are curious.

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Below is my global user page, which is stored on Community Central, and is used on multiple wikis.

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Salutations! Welcome to my global user/profile page. If you need to contact me, use my talk page / message wall.

Wikis I am/was "active" on at one time - founder, admin, active (check weekly), age sensitive
Kairosoft Wiki (Activity) [ Profile Talk ]
Runescape Wiki (Activity) [ Profile Talk ]
Transformice Wiki (Activity) [ Profile Talk ] What's that? You want a referral link for the game? OK!
Fortoresse Wiki (Activity) [ Profile Talk ] What's that? You want a referral link for the game? OK!
Dungeon Link Wiki (Activity) [ Profile Talk ]
Atelier 801 Wiki (Activity) [ Profile Talk ]
Gothador Wiki (Activity) [ Profile Talk ]
BU Wiki (Activity) [ Profile Talk ]
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I can be found on other wikis, but I'm generally not an active contributor on those not listed here. Note that I usually check in on these wiki's occasionally even if I'm not active on them (this list is just as much for me as anyone else). Fewfre 🔎 K00:00 Sat, 01 Jan 2000

I like messing with templates (I love HTML / CSS), and even if I'm not sure how to make one, I can almost always find one similar and then use the base code from that one to get what I want with a little tweaking, or find out the way to do it by searching for an answer. I can do basic LUA programming, but don't really like using it (just when it's benefits are high enough). Some scripts to "show-off" / for me to keep track of:

Username Origin

Also please note, good readers, that my username is Fewfre, not Fewfire, Fewfew, etc. The story behind my name is simple and boring; it was my first password. After multiple different usernames, I decided to use Fewfre, because:

  • I already used it 2 places
  • I like how it sounds (I say it "Few Free", "Few Fray", or "Few Fur")
  • it's rarely taken ("unique")
  • it's short
  • it has personal / "sentimental" value.

As a random aside, I realized years after using as my username that I can make up some story about my name being "FlewFree", but missing some letters due to this world no allowing me to fly (or some equally deep thing that makes it sound like my name was on purpose =p). Not going to but love the option ^.^. Also, if you must shorten my name, I prefer "Fewf" rather than "Few"... as if that will ever happen =p

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