Pocket Harvest Guide

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Visitor Favorite Unlocked by
Anime Artist Wheat
Ankle Biter Grape
Apparel Seller Corn Investment Investment ad-pocket harvest Veggie Fashion
Boy Scout Orange Investment Investment ad-pocket harvest Kite Festival
Carpenter Banana
Child Actor Alpaca Shirt
Class Prez Potato
Comedian Onion Investment Investment ad-pocket harvest Bonsai Festival
Cup & Ball Kid Corn
Dentist Tomato
Event Staff Dragonfruit
Explorer Cherry Tomato
Female Teen Grapefruit
Female Tween Apple Investment Investment ad-pocket harvest Tourism Pamphlets
Fencer Watermelon
Film Critic Pepper
Freelancer Bean
Gardner Green Onion
Graphic Artist Cabbage
Head Nurse Egg Investment Investment ad-pocket harvest Hiking Class
Health Teacher Orange Investment Investment ad-pocket harvest TV Shoot
Housewife Capybara Doll
Inn Hostess Cucumber
King Ackbar Chimpan Z Doll
Luchador Milk
Male Tween Tomato Investment Investment ad-pocket harvest Tourism Pamphlets
Mimiko Carrot
Nice Gangster Ham
Ninja Student Chestnut
Noodle Chef Eggplant Investment Investment ad-pocket harvest Pickling Class
Panda Wool
Part-timer Pear
Pianist Melon Investment Investment ad-pocket harvest Soap Making Class
Poet Lettuce
Pop Singer Peach
Preschooler Strawberry Investment Investment ad-pocket harvest Hard Candy
Rich Lady Melon
Saleswoman Sweet Potato
Santa's Helper Wool
Snack Seller Radish
Stew Seller Sweet Potato Investment Investment ad-pocket harvest Farm Tech Fair
Sushi Chef Cucumber Investment Investment ad-pocket harvest Cooking Contest
Trade Student Peach

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